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[ad_1] Hey hey and happy Friday! Over the past few years, I’ve tried to be better. A better friend. A better neighbor. A better daughter and sister. A better wife and mother. I call my mom more. I try to check in with friends on a regular basis. I don’t do an about face back […]

Hey hey and happy Friday!

Fresh Tomato Pasta

Over the past few years, I’ve tried to be better. A better friend. A better neighbor. A better daughter and sister. A better wife and mother.

I call my mom more. I try to check in with friends on a regular basis. I don’t do an about face back into the garage when I see a neighbor approaching, but say hey instead. I try to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and plain old Tuesdays.

Over these past few months I’ve found myself checking in with others a lot more than I did before. With so much going on in the world, I’m reminded again and again it isn’t just about me. Others, their needs, concerns, joys, and well-being are just as important, if not more, than mine.

But there’s more to it than just the fly-by check in. Because following up is just as important as checking in.

It’s about returning the email to find out how the recipe turned out. Sending a text to see if the doctor appointment went well when they weren’t sure it would. Finding out if they had a good time on the vacation they were so excited about. Wishing her the best of luck at the interview/first day of school/important game where nerves were so close to the surface. To say thanks for being there when they were needed, and even when they weren’t.

Following up shows not only that you care, but more importantly, that you listened, that you heard their nerves, their optimism, their sadness, their excitement. Because knowing someone hears you, is often the best conversation of all.

Consider this your official reminder to call and check in on someone you care about. And don’t forget to follow up.

BTW, because I know you’ll ask, here’s the recipe for the fresh tomato pasta (pic above) I made this week with a few subs (burrata for ricotta, a different style of noodle) because summer flavors are peaking big time.

Now, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

It takes less than 2 minutes to register to vote here. Only 66 days to go.

20 care package ideas to make someone’s day.

Some very good ideas for food hacks:

Chicken and corn, chicken and corn, give me more chicken and corn. YUM.

This ooey gooey cheesy red pepper dip is a reminder that fall is happening soon.

How does it go? A muffin a day keeps the doctor away???

Is it hot? Is it cold? It’s frozen hot chocolate.

My cacio e pepe is a family fave, so this pizza is likely to be a fave too.

These are the ultimate after school mash-up treat.

OMG. Coconut tofu? YES!

These bowls are a great idea for a healthier weeknight dinner.

Gnocchi with all the flavors of fall harvest.

Things I get for take-out that I want to try and make at home:

Instant Pot recipe alert: Applesauce!

This healthy salmon dinner looks easy AND delish.

Pull your beet fetish out of the rut and try this yummy looking salad.


This peach and avo salad should be on every harvest dinner plate.

Okay, how fun are these cookies!?!

Air fryer recipe alert: Salmon!

What a deliciously easy way to prepare scallops.

This glass French press is such a chic way to enjoy your morning brew.

A cute desk lamp at a decent price.

This simple organic side table is the first step to…

An creating my own organic house. This place is incredible! (Swipe through each of the slides for the entire tour.)

A good deal on these floating shelves.

Loving so many unfussy, comfortable but stylish elements of this Hamptons house tour owned by the founder of Apartment Therapy. Want.

This makeup artist shares how to look naturally good on those zany Zoom calls.

Love the cool feels of this cucumber mask.

Drapey, wide legs, cozier than anything you’ll wear ’til next spring. + ON SALE! I’m here for it.

Looks like this Justin and Britney trend is back, but are we ready for it?

NYFW is going to look a lot different this year.

8 essential oils to combat bad energy. 

10 ways to carve out alone time when you don’t live alone. Calgon! Take me away!

That’s it for this week. Have a grand weekend everyone. XO

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