10 Freezer Recipes for the Back to School Hustle


I am a planner through and through.

As a working mom of two school-aged kids, I like to have healthy, filling meals at the ready not just for the kids, but for me too. With classes starting up again and ever-shifting schedules, it makes my life a little easier to have meals prepared either for weeknight dinners, afternoon lunches or grab and go breakfast. I’m all about things being easier for mom.

Don’t think prep work is a solo job. If your kids are old enough, have them help. Invite your spouse to join you too. The rule in my house is: Everybody eats; everybody helps!

Make an assembly line to fill and wrap both the burritos and quesadillas. Let the kids scoop and sear meatballs, open cans or if they have basic knife skills (my 11 year old regularly uses my 8-inch chef’s knife) let them chop vegetables. I’ve stockpiled my freezer with the recipes below and I thought you might want to as well. Each one can be taken from the freezer to the pan, oven, or microwave.


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