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Yesterday on my morning walk with the dogs, my podcast with Oprah interviewing Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler ended (it was a great listen btw) and forwarded to the next in my queue. Part of the Oprah’s next Super Soul Conversations podcast was an excerpt of an interview with Toni Morrison, and it resonated deeply.

Toni questioned, “When a kid walks in a room, your child or anybody else’s child, does your face light up? Because that allows your face to speak how your heart feels. That’s what they’re looking for.”

I was on the receiving end of that light just two weeks ago when my husband and I stopped by to visit my mom and dad. I’m not sure why it felt any different than all the other times seeing them, because my mom is always happy to see us. But I was struck by my mom’s pure thrill and happiness, her wide smile and dancing eyes as we walked up the driveway. Just as Toni described, she genuinely lit up.

It filled me with joy, and I took note. How weird, that after 50+ years, a parent showing love to their child can still mean just as much as it did as a 5 year old.

Both of these instances remind me to look up when someone comes into the room, stop what I’m doing, and really see them. My husband. My daughter. Even my pets. Show them they are seen. They are important. They light me up.

I found the interview excerpt here on YouTube and I hope you’ll watch it, and be reminded to look at others the way we all want to be seen.

But enough of that, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves. Happy clickin’ chickens.

How to truly appreciate the last weeks of summer.

Okay, if this dog doesn’t make you laugh, you’ve lost your sense of humor, and chi mix Pippa has the same smile :).

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For type geeks like me, these fonts make up some of the most famous logos in the world. 

I wonder if it includes unlimited popcorn? The world’s last Blockbuster just became an Airbnb for just $4 a night!

Duck out of the heat and take a seat: 50 great comedies on Netflix right now.

Now THIS is a new idea I may have to try to keep the fridge in check.


The best way to keep your freezer organized.

These pizza stuffed pasta shells make back to school a whole lot easier on everyone in the family.

This Greek chicken with potatoes looks like an easy dinner to master.

Weekend baking project alert: Sourdough cinnamon rolls!

Presenting the latest Tik Tok food trend: Cloud bread.

This banana pudding looks like heaven.

Plan on extra scoops of this chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

I can eat tuna hand rolls all week long.

These s’more brownies are the ultimate in decadence.

This 4-ingredient tofu dish looks SO good and totally easy.

A sheet pan chicken dinner that gets your mojo rolling.

This mug cake kit makes such a fun gift.

From Italian food to Asian, and everything in between, this is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

From Beyoncé to Amelia Earhardt, these Wonder Women are the best bingo game to get now.

6 tips for getting more out of your walking workout.

Who else is getting sick of looking at the same four walls the same way? 11 zero-cost ways to change up your rooms.

This clean kitchen remodel was done on a budget but you’d never know it.

11 black-owned wellness brands to shop now.

Mirror mirror on the wall, these are the mirrors you need this fall.

16 tie-dye masks to wear now.

LOVE this slouchy turtleneck sweater (I have it in black) and it’s now $30 off!

These faux leather leggings are on sale and ready for your fall wardrobe.

These water shoes are perfect for late summer days at the lake, and they’re totally budget friendly.

Totally affordable abstract art. 

My bro-in-law told me this robotic vacuum has changed their cleaning habits for the better, and it’s so much cheaper than the Roomba—and is now $80 less than when I bought it! Totally worth it.

25 ways to organize your shoes. 

This collection of photos of best dressed Hijabi’s are so fashion forward.

Some great reminders for keeping things simple.

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend friends.

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