What I Eat In A Day If I Just Eat Mug Meals


A compilation of the mug meals I eat in a day.

Hi Bold Bakers!

Hands up if you find yourself glued to videos online called “What I Eat In A Day.” Please tell me I’m not the only one fascinated with what others eat! I go so far as to pause the video and zoom in to see inside their fridge! That’s normal, right?

Anywho, rather than spending my time trying to get to the root of why I’m intrigued by what others are consuming, I decided to make a similar video myself — but with a twist! I am only eating mug meals! If you are new to meals made in the microwave in minutes prepare to have your world rocked. I have 100+ Mug Meals recipes. If you already know of them, then you are just here to see what I eat, which is totally normal and not one bit weird. Ok, let’s go…


The cock crows around 6am in this house! Meaning George wakes up talking (and actually often laughing, which is adorable). The first real mug of the day is coffee but I need to eat pretty soon after. As they say in Ireland, ‘My stomach thinks my throat has been cut.’ Translation: I’m starving.

Microwave Egg Mug Muffin 

No, not a McMuffin…  this is even better! A freshly made breakfast muffin with a whole egg in the middle. The perfect way to start your day. Get my Microwave Egg Mug Muffin recipe.

What I Eat In A Day: A spoonful of my Egg Muffin in a Mug recipe!

After breakfast, the whole family heads out for a walk. Exercise is very important for us to function so numerous times a day we will down tools and go for a walk. It’s great for us physically and mentally. Funny enough, Kevin and I often don’t see each other much from 9-5 so we go for a walk to catch up and talk through work things. It’s really helpful.

Work starts around 9 and we get stuck in. We chat with our team, check what is on the agenda for the day, the week, and get down to it.


A good lunch is a must for me. I cannot focus on work or be productive if all I am thinking about is food. It needs to be quick as we work through our lunch break and it needs to be basic ingredients because for some reason with all the grocery shopping I do I never see to have much food in the house.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup In A Mug 

Cheese, sour cream, and bacon in a soup! It’s amazing and what’s even better is the fact that it is completely made in the microwave in minutes! Make my Loaded Baked Potato Soup in a Mug recipe.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup, in a mug.

3 O’ Clock Slump!

This is my tea time! Kevin knows there is no disturbing me during my tea time. Whatever he has will have to wait until I am done. Of course, like a lot of Irish people, I am trained that with a cup of Irish tea I need to have something a little sweet.

Banana Bread In A Mug 

Loaded with oats (✔️) contains 1/4 fresh banana (✔️) and is naturally sweet (✔️), my Banana Bread in a Mug recipe is the perfect snack to get you over that hurdle from lunch to dinner time.

Banana Bread in a Mug recipe, finished.

In the late afternoon, we start to wind down work and spend more time with Georgie. We play with his toys, read books, and often take him and waffles on another walk around the neighborhood before dinner.

Dinner Time

This is my favorite meal! Basically every day I wait for 2 times: Dinner time and bedtime! And because of my diet and what I eat in a day is very carb-forward I had to go with this mug meal below.

Fettuccine Alfredo in A Mug 

So you are telling me I could be eating freshly cooked pasta in less time it takes to boil a pot of water?? SOLD! Make my Fettuccine Alfredo in a Mug!

Fettuccini Alfredo made in a mug, lifted with a fork.

Dessert Time

After dinner is sleepy time for Georgie. Basically every evening it’s play, jammies, bottle, and bed. I am very thankful that he goes down easily each night and doesn’t wake until 6am.

Desserts don’t just have to be for special occasions. you know. The fact that I get through most days is reason enough for me to deserve a warm Brownie with ice-cream on top.

Nutella Mug Brownie 

Why is this mug brownie always a winner? Because with 3 simple kitchen staples you can make this decadent, single-serving Nutella Brownie Mug Cake.

Nutella Brownie in a Mug, topped with ice cream.

So, there you have it! With over 100 Mug Cakes & Meals recipes on my site, what does your perfect Mug Meal-only day look like?


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